Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialists are known as physiatrists. Their primary focus is to restore the patient to their optimal function through non-surgical methods.

Dr. Lau treats injuries that involve nerves, muscles, bones and/or ligaments. These conditions may include stroke, brain injury, chronic pain, muscle spasticity, repetitive stress injuries (RSI), spinal cord injuries, work-related cases, and auto accident injuries.

Different methods used for treatment include:

  • Medical Acupuncture (for pain only)
  • Nerve Root Blocks
  • Electromyographic (EMG) tests for diagnostic purposes
  • Trigger Point Needling
  • Osteoarthritic Knee Injections
  • Medication Management
  • Multi-disciplinary Management
    • Incorporating Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care and other treatments in patient care through referrals and follow up visits to ensure progress.

Dr. Lau and his staff are committed to helping patients regain quality of life after the loss of functions. After a patient leaves the office, our staff is busy managing the administrative functions behind each patient’s case, ensuring that medications and necessary treatment requests are executed in a timely manner. Simply, we are here to help patients heal.


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